Tuesday, January 20, 2004

My computer is shot. I had made a mistake when I used Drive 10 to correct some errors with my HD. It took away my Mac OS X 10.1.5. My installation disks are at home. Fortunately, the OS 9 is still functioning. I must make sure that I don't get that erased as well. First time I sms'ed my brother with a cell phone that I have absolutely no idea what it's number is. Strange right? My bro lent me his extra so that if he needed to, he could contact me. I was so frustrated that I pressed a few buttons and then before I knew it I had a short phrase. I continued and the message appeared. Then fiddling with the controls. I managed to send a message to him. I hope it doesn't cost much. Anyway, he replied and I took almost forever to reply him.

After all that, he suggested that he courier the installation disks to me. I thanked him. I wish I could say profusely because that was what I was feeling but I couldn't do that with sms. I only hope that the disks would reach me quickly. The last time a parcel was sent to me. It stayed two weeks at airport customs!

I am frustrated because I don't want to lose time. I made a copy of the backup of my tessina and then used a different word processor to open it (Claris works 5 ... Appleworks 6 does something strange with the justification when it prints. don't know why). Its a tedious and labourious process but I don't want to find out later that my Word was also affected by the accidental erasure.

Life must go on because la vità è bella. (which means - Life is Beautiful. Title of an Italian film)

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