Friday, January 23, 2004

My work has been approved for handing in! I spent the whole of last night (Chinese New Year Eve, in case any of you are interested) and the early part of this morning to finish all the rough edges and corrections of my work. I went to bed after 3 am and got up in time for mass at 7:15. As it is, I'm sluggish right now. Let's just home this last leg of my stay in Rome is going to be memorable in a good way. I managed to get everything to the photocopy shop. They would be printing the four copies that I need to hand in together with the form that the three professors who are guiding me have to sign to say that they have accepted my work.

Then it is waiting for the date for defending the work. That would be another stressful time for me, except that it would be less stressful than the months past.

Now that I am a little freer, I find that everyone else is having exams ... Talk about timing!

Today is Chinese New Year in Chinese. It is hardly spring here. It is still cold and I hear that in the US, it is even colder. Well, not expecting to stay here for the rest of winter, I didn't prepare myself well. Fortunately, I have been able to cope because I don't go out much.

Chinese New Year, nine of us Singaporeans gathered at a Chinese restaurant for a small celebration. I was very glad that I was not the only man there (6 women and 3 men). I had a nice time though the students among us had to leave for studying their exams ...

I'll stay cool for the next few days and hope that I would be rested enough to begin preparations for going home. That is another headache!

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