Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Birth

I have been spending much of today with a pain on my right heel. I must have taken something forbidden and my gout acted up. So I have been dividing my time between getting my room cleaned and redoing my website. I have just obtained iWeb 2.0 and was trying to redo my whole website. Just a small peek below on what the new site will look like. That's a shot from iWeb 2.0.

I am quite tired out because even with the little walking that I am doing, I am still putting in quite bit of effort to move. Right now I am also trying to keep up with the podcasts that I had not listened to during Holy Week. I plan to blog more regularly right now and will try to get involved in the seminarians' blog (Life in Kampung Punggol) as well. Now its time for me to get to sleep. I need more time to walk to the chapel tomorrow morning. Rev. Fr. Robert Hau will be celebrating Mass tomorrow.

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Terence said...

Welcome back to blogging ;Þ
Hope to see your post on the Kampung blogs soon