Friday, May 09, 2008


It's the weekend of the Vocation Discernment Retreat. As I am writing this, the seminarians are getting ready to welcome the 50 odd participants. That is one of the largest number of participants we’ve had in some years. Hopefully, there’d be at least be several in that number who are seriously considering entering within the next several years. I am sure that some of them are attached but would like to discern where the Lord is calling them to.

I have podcasted for several months. The reason is time and content. I have some content but not really enough to podcast regularly. I know how frustrating it is for a listener to have to wait for episodes to appear. I'd really like to have enough material to comfortably podcast several episodes in advance. The question of time is also a problem. I am in the 25th Anniversary Organizing Committee for the Seminary. Then I have many former parishioners who have approached me for help in their difficult moments. They say they don’t know the new priest enough. I need to have priorities. Yet when I pray to the Lord regarding giving up the podcasting, I discern that he isn’t telling me to give things up. I know I have to struggle on and keep an open and positive mind. I have just had a twitter post from Fr. Roderick (of the Daily Breakfast fame) saying that he has just completed a banner. I really admire him. He has the time to run a parish, SQPN and write for the local newspaper at the same time! He’s just a few years younger than me. He has amazing energy and talent!

I had wanted to write a short post as I had just posted a piece at Kampung Ponggol. Have a read there, if you’re interested.

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