Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Post


I know I am cheating. I am writing this is in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. I have requested that this post be posted about an hour and a half after midnight. That should coincide with the end of the Midnight Christmas Vigil.

Do you have Christmas decoration? Is it like this? On the door? Actually, this doesn’t seem to be suitable for Singapore because we don’t have winter here. A wreath made up of the leaves of a pine tree? Perhaps we could look for a Singapore substitute but then it won’t have a Christmassy look. I wonder how the Australians and South American countries decorate for Christmas because it is summer there ...

I found several images on Google. Here is a funny picture I found. Pictures of Christmas decorations were similar to the Northern Hemisphere. The only decoration that would be specifically Australian is a kangaroo wearing a red cap, like the one Santa Claus uses. Here is one example and another at the bottom of the page. South America uses decorations for Christmas that also include symbols more suitable for winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

As the decorations for the Church is not ready and the Christmas Nativity Scene is yet to be complete, I cannot provide pictures that are more suitable for a Catholic Christmas.

So I leave you with the picture of the Christmas tree in the parish house.

Have a Holy Christmas!


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rokp said...

May the peace, joy, love and hope of Christ dwell in your heart this Christmas.

Thanks for the thoughtful sharings in your blog over the past week.