Monday, June 22, 2009

My Nephew and the Segway

We were at Sentosa and my nephew wanted to ride on the Segway. His father, older brother and I joined him. It is quite easy to manoeuvre the Segway. My nephew took to it like fish to water. He was able to use it in less than one minute. I, on the other hand, had to take a while. The instructor guided me and I got to hang of it a few minutes later. I thought that the route we took to ride the Segway was rather short. It was quite a interesting trail to one who was a first timer. There were several hairpin turns and it was not all on level ground. I was glad I did not ‘chicken-out’. I would have missed an interesting experience and would have one skill less. (Alright, riding a Segway is neither an important skill nor a difficult one.)

I took some time in prayer and found that our life is something like that is it not? We learn new things and try to get a hang of the different things that life throws at us. Sometimes, we are afraid and shy away from difficulties. When we do this we will pass up new opportunities, new skills and new experiences. The Lord also avails to us different occasions to receive His grace. If we fear and avoid these occasions, we must not blame the Lord if we do not obtain the graces. If we reflect honestly, we will see that there are many times when we miss opportunities for grace due to our choices rather than God’s will.

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Terence said...

Nice analogy.
U can link ur blog feed on ur facebook profile. I realised more people read my posts on facebook than going to the blog itself.