Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Long Hiatus

Someone once made a remark to me, “How can you say that you are very busy and pressed for time when you have the time to blog?” That remark contributed to my lack of posting. Blogging had to take a back seat as ministry and people take up my time. I am making this short post just to say that I am still alive and well. Obedience to my bishop necessarily meant that I take up responsibilities that I had little interest in. I have written in my journal some reflections regarding this and when the time is opportune, I might share those thoughts with the rest of the world one day. Right now, I am quite hopeful that I would be able to get back to the blog by bringing selected homilies that I have preached during the weekend.

God Bless!


Sebby said...

Sometimes blogging is a part of ministry too. You would not know how your words on this page would affect another human being reading it.

The world has changed. Some people aren't as comfortable in coming out to ask the questions that have been burning in their hearts. And sometimes, whatever you're inspired to write might be the answer they're looking for.

Don't lose heart Fr K. And don't let other people's comments stop you from doing what you know.

Lotsa Love,


Fr. Kenson Koh said...

Thanks a lot Sebby. I suppose moderation and balance is the key.