Thursday, July 14, 2011

I guess it's Newsworthy

I have had some people sending me text messages through my phone. I guess I do have to address this. The small snippet of news would probably be in the print edition if it has come out in the online edition.

At the end of last year, the Traffic Police sent me a summons to appear in court. In Oct 2009, I was involved in an accident. I was stressed, got distracted and failed to notice the red light in time. I went into the junction and a car who had the right of way collided with my car. I was in the wrong. This morning, I pleaded guilty to inconsiderate driving and was fined $800. Some parishioners, whom I would consider friends, sent text messages asking if I was okay. Going to court is not really a pleasant experience but I did commit a traffic offence and I accept the consequences.

Some of you might realise that I had also stopped posting at the beginning of this year. My posts and reflections are usually based on current happenings in my life and the observations I make around the time I make my reflections. I must confess that I had stopped because I did not want to say something I shouldn’t because of what I had seen in court or regarding my anxieties regarding my offence. I used to tell my father, “You’d never know …”

So, I am off to my retreat next Monday, or rather, more accurately, I am entering into my retreat on Monday. Hopefully, I will have a good retreat and emerge recharged to start posting this blog again. Yet — “You’d never know …” I am still quite sensitive regarding the accident and the court proceedings. All it takes is one insensitive person to make the wrong remark and the wrong time and I may end up depressed and effectively negating the retreat. “You’d never know …” I hear you tell me, the Lord might help my brother priests to be merciful to me and not comment about it. In any case, I believe the Lord would be there to see me through the retreat.

Alla prossimo

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