Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Ugly Singaporean or merely poor

I am just now spending a few days with my family at Sentosa. I just saw something that I just had to post. A young mother had piled up lots of food and it was definitely too much for her family of four. Then she discreetly, or at least tried, to pack half of what she took into plastic bags. This was a breakfast buffet. She has at least 8 pieces of pastries, 4 pancakes, a large bowl of Vadai and another bowl of grilled salmon.  That was just part of the "stash" she collected. I am sure the servers noticed but she was a customer and hotel guest and so could not say anything. Her husband was with her and appeared to approve. Sigh!  As my mother would say in dialect, "Chau Kwan!"


PJ said...

Questions - is she a Singaporean or a foreigner? A resident or a tourist?

The "kiasu" syndrome is alive and well. Along with the packet of tissue paper "table chope-ing" technique that we have refined to perfection!

Fr. Kenson Koh said...

I must say that I do not know whether she is a Singaporean or a foreigner. Whilst "tissue paper table Chope-ing" is a manifestation of being kiasu, yet what I witnessed in Sentosa was something I would consider in the extreme.