Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Ha! Just as I was so relaxed, another thing pops up. I have already lost my Word for Mac programme to a grave mistake I made. Then, I discovered that I could just print the pages that needed to be corrected using AppleWorks. Now I discover that my work is riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes. How could I have been so blind?! They say that one should never correct your own work. I agree. However, owing to the frentic pace in which I want to finish, I cannot impose my needs on my friends who are now in the midst of exams. What about the priests I live with now? Well, I can't impose on them because they have lots of work to do as well. I don't know them that well to impose.

So now, after printing out all the final copies ... I have to reprint and these would be post-final copies? I guess the previous lot were not final after all. Sigh!

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